Suzuki Early Childhood Education

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Who is Turner SECE?

Kristina Turner is a registered Suzuki violin and viola teacher as well as a Suzuki mom to a son on viola and piano.  She wishes she had been a Suzuki kid! Kris serves on the board of the Suzuki Association of Washington State and has been participating at the Japan Seattle Suzuki Institute since 2010.  Kris completed the Suzuki Early Childhood Education Prenatal and Early Years, Stage 1 at Oregon Suzuki Institute with Danette Shuh in 2018 and will be continuing with Stage 2                                                                             in June 2019. 

Cecile Pendleton is a Suzuki violin and viola teacher, a Suzuki mom to a violinist and a violist, and she was a Suzuki violin kid. Cecile plays violin in Whatcom Symphony Orchestra, serves on the Board of Directors for North Sound Youth Symphony and is a member of Lynden Music Teachers Association. She delights in sharing her life-long love of music.

Why Us?

SECE classes are based on two revolving, parallel routines of Songs, Rhymes, and Instrumental activities that are layered in developmentally appropriate steps.  With this set-up, children anticipate what comes next. With anticipation comes confidence. With confidence comes participation!! Even the shyest little ones build confidence and in time are taking their turns in front of the rest of the class!

In the Suzuki ECE class, our goal is not only to enjoy the joyous times with the little ones, but to also nurture them in the skills that they will need to become their best selves as learners and citizens. This includes patience, self-regulation, turn-taking, and encouraging empathy. We strive to acknowledge all of the small, but tremendously important developmental steps as they are displayed in class (an infant observing across the circle, a toddler patiently waiting a turn).